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Dream host Web hosting review | Unknown Facts

Dream host web hosting review: Dream hosting is a leading company since 1997 to presently work. When we move to further Full review My recommendation for  different categories like genius, Good and Average.How to be smart in choosing web hosting company helps you in choose web hosting company that have 31 features.
I highly recommend this hosting company to genius people. Genius means high-class understanding in every technology and can resolve all problem fast.

I only recommend this service to good people. Good means their performance is always good nor high nor average. They can take some times in solving problems.

I never recommend this service to Average people. Average means they always takes help in solving problems.

[caption id="attachment_104" align="aligncenter" width="632"]Dream host web hosting Review Image Credits Dream Host web hosting review[/caption]

Genius people are you ready to take journey of advance web hosting company. Genius people looks genius things in every possible condition. Some great features of dream-host.

  • 100% uptime guarantee by dream host

  • 24/7 tech support

  • Advanced control panel

  • 97 days money back guarantee

  • 1 Free domain with every plan

  • One click Installation

  • Unlimited domain hosting

  • Unlimited web hosting

Get this service with huge discount use our Promo codes to get your plans. Don't worry because 97 days money back guarantee.

Before move further blasters, are you ready to blast this web hosting. This is only on Ground Zero reality check.

What is ground zero reality check?

Ground zero reality checks means  1000+ reviews of users and 20+ expert review. I am your friend and i always give you a right suggestion. This GZRC makes you more confident on taking decision on choosing service or not.

Are you ready to blast the Dream host web hosting review with GZRC?

I researched well and come up with final result. Only two results for Dream Host.

  • 0/5 overall rating for every specification.

  • 5/5 overall rating for every specification.

Many users give 1 to 3 stars in every specification, I turned this into zero. Many user give  4 and 5 I turned into 5. Now ready for real reality check of specifications. What says these two users about Dream host.

0/5 User: These user very frustrated with dream host. Because of two reasons below

  1. Cpanel

  2. Tech support

Reality is they are Good/Average people can't solve their advanced cpanel problem that's why they email again and again to dream host for solving their problem. Tech support takes time but they can't wait for it.

5/5 User: These user very ultimately used this service and says no one compete with Dream host.
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Before moving further get some reality from the Dream host comparison with others by Dream host company.

  • Overall performance

[caption id="attachment_54" align="alignnone" width="775"]Dream host review Dream host overall comparison[/caption]

  • Recommended by users

[caption id="attachment_55" align="alignnone" width="819"]Dream host review Recommend comparison[/caption]

  • Reliability performance

[caption id="attachment_56" align="alignnone" width="784"]Dream host review Reliability comparison[/caption]

  • Tech support performance

[caption id="attachment_57" align="alignnone" width="800"]Dream host web hosting review Tech support comparison[/caption]

Dream host Web hosting review Deep Analysis

These graphs tell you extract reality by dream host. We all always tells everyone that we are great but actual picture is different. I think the last one is technical support is worst part of dream-host because every one person out of three complaint about tech support.

Features and reality by BlastTheBlog


DH offers 100% Uptime guarantee but the reality is totally different because many users complaint about this feature.


DH offers 24/7 technical support but reality is totally different.

  • DH don't have any phone number to call only email or tickets are the helping ways.

  • Generally The replies on emails and tickets take more time


DH offers different values for different hosting plans mentioned below

  • Shared hosting @ $8.95/month

  • Vps hosting @ $19.95

  • Dedicated hosting @

  • Managed wordpress hosting @ $15 to $200

Features and Software

Dream host use advanced features and Latest software.

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If you have any confusion please clear before buy this hosting company. Don't worry blaster before complete this article I tried my best to clear all your problem. Take a look of Dream host company.

About dream host

The year was 1997 dream host was established. Dream host helps 1.5million people in hosting their websites, applications and blogs. Dream host provides domain registration, web hosting and cloud hosting for customer success.

Some facts and features of dream host by Dream host

  • Over 400,000 customers

  • 1.5 million + websites

  • Real support 24/7/365

  • Open source is in our DNA

  • WordPress installation(750,000)

  • Ceph storage

Shared Web hosting @ $8.95

  • Host your own website

  • Run a word press blog

  • Host your design portfolio

  • Creates for startups

  • Host client websites

  • Build on e-commerce site

Features of shared hosting plan

  • Full uni shell

  • Ruby on rail

  • Perl support

  • Crontab acess

  • SSL secure servers

  • ontab acess

  • Php5 support

  • Canned CGI script

  • Access to raw log files

  • Server side includes

  • Full CGI access

  • Unlimited MySQL

  • IPV6 Support

  • $100 google ad-word credits

These all features @ $8.95 buy now with huge discount.

Some more with shared hosting

  • SSD's

  • Unlimited storage and Bandwidth

  • Unlimited Domain hosting

  • Unlimited email accounts

  • one click WordPress installer

  • Unlimited 24/7 support

  • 100% uptime guarantee

  • 97 day money back guarantee

  • Web-based control panel

Managed WordPress hosting

  • 30GB of SSD storage

  • 2.1 million monthly visitor

  • Auto scaling RAM

  • Automatic WordPress installation

  • Unlimited email accounts

  • 24/7 WordPress support

  • Hosted on virtual private servers

  • Isolated MySQL Database

Some more features

  • SSD"S

  • New Php5.5

  • New hip hop virtual machine

  • Varnish caching

  • memcatched

  • Use any theme or plugin

  • PHP 5.5

  • MySQL

  • WP pre-installed

  • 1 dedicated Ip

  • $100 credit for adword

  • SFTP/FTP acess


  • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Buy this service now @ 24.95$. Good news for blaster user here is 20% off get this service @ 19.95$ now.

VPS service

Built for speed and scability

Dream host offer 15$ to 120$/month. Features of this service

  • SSD

  • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

  • Web-based control panel

  • Scalable RAM

  • Node JS support

  • Rubby version manages

  • Unlimited bandwidth

  • Unlimited hosted domains

  • Unlimited 24/7 support

Here we can't provide Dedicated, cloud services because these services are business class. If you have interest in these services please visit Dream-host and check these services.

RNTCO ratings for Dream host web hosting review

  • Uptime  4.8/5

  • Support 4.3/5

  • Software 4.8/5

  • Features 4.8/5

  • Refund policy 5/5

  • Domain 5/5

  • Bandwidth 5/5

Genius blaster this is my review if you like this please share with your friends and family. I Highly recommend you Dream-host. Remember that Dream host is only for genius person (You).

Can Dream-host complete your dreams?

Yes dream host provide fast and quality service. Don't wait because time is money. You can earn more than you spend with Dream-Host. A good hosting company can reach you at the peak. The secrete of my success is take decision Fast.

Get your 90 days trial after you can refund your money.

Use Dream Host Services Choose your best

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That's it from my side on, Dream host Web hosting review. Share it with your friends.


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