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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Blue Host review 7 tactics deep analysis

Sunday, June 26, 2016 - 2 Comments

Blue Host Review: A web hosting company play very important role for success of any blog.  I only recommend three hosting company to you.

  1. Dream host

  2. Host gator

  3. Blue host

To choose honest, quality and fast web hosting then remember some points in your mind to compare your self.

  • Know your own hosting need

  • Uptime

  • Reliability & Speed

  • Features

  • Software

  • Price

  • Refund Policy

  • Hardware

  • Site backup

  • Security

  • Multiple add-on domains

  • Server upgrade optimism

  • Email support

  • Tech Support

  • Control Panel

  • Disk Space

  • Cheap price

I tried my best to complete these all features one by one for blue host review.

Blue host is my personal favorite and I already use this service. It offer quality service as well good technical support. The very first question in your mind is why web hosting?

I want to refer you please read Self hosted vs Free blogging by (Problogger)which is better for your business or blog. Blue-host best for WordPress hosting that's why I recommend you.
Free is free

# No profit

# No traffic

# No ranking

but web-hosting improve all aspect of blogging. A good web hosting can take you next level so don't go with any cheap company. Read full review of best web hosting and then choose your preferred web hosting company.

How blue host change my life?

I started blogging with blogger but I never look comfortable with it's services so I move blogger to weebly. I purchase weebly's premium plan and start blogging. Weebly is not for professional so after one year I again move to blogger. Two months of blogging my earning was zero so I want some extra features and feel comfortable to make some Handsome Income. I decide to move WordPress but free WordPress is same as blogger. Now I want a web hosting company that offer cheap with high quality services. I researched and read more and more review of other web hosting company. I choose blue-host. I move from blogger to WordPress on blue host. I feel comfortable, my post rank is high in search engine my profit is double, My seo problem is almost finished with WordPress, My Alexa ranking is increase very fast. 10 to 15 views per day to 5000 views per day. This is starting of my blogging with blue host. It also happened with you after use this services. You can use 30 day free hosting. Use 30 day after you can refund your money if you don't like it.

Blue host review ( BH review )

Tech support

Blue host offers a 24/7 tech support. You can use their ticket service, Live chat, Email and even you can call blue host executive . Blue host is always ready in your service.


Blue host use latest features and extra ordinary easy to use control panel. All features in control panel is easy to use with tutorial so don't get confuse.

Money back/Refund Policy

Blue host offer 30 day money back guarantee so easy to use blue host services and If you don't like then refund your full money. Note they never payback you for domain. If you purchase a free domain with bluehost then the cost domain blue host never refund you.


Bluehost offer 99.99% uptime this is good for your website's speed.

Price/Cheap price

Blue host offer 3.59$/month hosting plan as starter plan so this is lowest price of bluehost. You can choose that offers really cheap 159rs/month

Services of bluehost

  • Windows and multi domain windows hosting

  • Linux and multi domain Linux hosting

  • Vps hosting

  • Reseller hosting

  • Dedicated hosting

Ground Zero Reality check

This is my real method of checking any web hosting/Product review at next level.
Ground zero reality check: I read almost 1000 user reviews and 20+ expert review for any web hosting review.

After reading many reviews there is mixed review for blue host. The Average performance of blue host is

Tech support

Many user and expert give best rating for technical support but some people also give average performance for tech support


Almost user and expert Impress with blue host Features

Refund Policy

30 day money back guarantee is totally waste because after use blue host you never want to refund your money


Some people gives bad review for uptime but overall its good


Really people suggest that this is quality with cheap service.

Believe me when you choose bluehost you really knows the difference between free and bluehost.

Bluehost India vs Bluehost world

Bluehost India:

  • Same software as

  • Same services

  • Same quality

  • Cheap price

Hope you guys ready to buy the honest web hosting services.

Buy now at cheap price blue host :Bluehost Wordpress Hosting
Super optimized Wordpress Hosting starting at Rs.239/month


[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="120"]Blue Host review blue host review[/caption]

Buy Now
If you like blue host review please share your thoughts. Thanks for reading.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Arvixe vs Awardspace - Web Hosting Comparison

Saturday, June 25, 2016 - 2 Comments

Arvixe vs Awardspace web hosting comparison, reviews, golden features are included in this post. We compare these site on almost 30 points that really matters for you.

Web hosting comparison | Arvixe vs Awardspace
Comparison Arvixe vs Awardspace


Award-space is a leading hosting company that provide exclusive and latest services its gathered the extensive background of its two mother company's Zetta hosting solution ltd and attract soft gmbh. Web hosting is necessary part of our website. Award-space review that gives you more information about Award space.


Arvixe is a leading hosting company that provide web hosting with a rare combination of unmatched reliability, quality and Affordability. Arvixe review that provide lot of information about Arvixe.

Arvixe vs Awardspace

  1.  Up-time: Arvixe offers 99.9% Up-Time guarantee. Award-space is fast Up-time  100% uptime but no guarantee.

  2. Features : Arvixe support Cpanel, panel(wsp), PCI compliance, Mysql, windows & linux hosting. Award-space support Mysql, postgresql, Php5,, Perl etc

  3. Software: Arvixe offers latest software, Softaculous , Mailing server . Awardspace use latest software

  4. Price: Arvixe starting price is $4/mo and Awardspace Starting price is Zero

  5. Reliability and speed of access: Both company's are reliable and offer fast speed.

  6. Refund policy: Arvixe offer 60 day money back guarantee . Awardspace offer 30 day money back guarantee.

  7. Hardware: Arvixe offer dual quad Intel(R)xenon(R)CPU E5620 2.40 ghz. Awardspace is based on Intel core2 64bit and Intel xenon 64 bit Processor with dual and quad Cpu.

  8. Site backup: Arvixe offers full site backup at Cpanel . Award space offer this service.

  9. Security: Arvixe have wildcard Ssl certificates.  Award space have SSL certificates.

  10. Multiple Add-on domain: Both offers Free domain for life, Sub domain and Unlimited domain hosting.

  11. Auto script installer: Arvixe offer softaculous software for script installer and Award space offer Zacky App installer.

  12. ht-access & server site : Both offers ht-access

  13. E-commerce features: Arvixe offers Free online store but Award space offer e-commerce with extra dollars.

  14. Email support: Both company's offer unlimited Email hosting with any plan. Award space host 1 email account with free web hosting.

  15. Tech support: Both offers 24/7 technical support. Live chat and live customer support.

  16. Control panel: Both offer easy control panel

  17. Free hosting: Arvixe not allowed this feature anymore but Award space offer Free web hosting.

  18. Data transfer: Both company's offer unlimited data transfer

  19. Disk Space: Both company's offer Unlimited Space

  20. Web servers: Both company's use latest software and hardware

  21. Reseller: Arvixe offer reseller hosting @$20/mo including windows and Linux which one you prefer. Award space offer free reseller web hosting.

  22. Hosting services: Arvixe offers Personal class hosting, Business class hosting, Reseller class, Vps and Dedicated class hosting for more detail visit Arvixe Web hosting services. Award space offer Free web hosting, Shared hosting, Semi dedicated and Vps hosting for more detail visit Awardspace web hosting services

  23. Advantage : If you choose arvixe then your business and support grow day by day.If you choose  Awardspace then the only benefit is free web hosting service but they not offer free domain. If you transfer your domain to Awardspace then it cost is just $20 for free hosting.

  24. Global rank: Arvixe stand globally at 5073 and Awardspace stand at 30974.

  25. Total hosted site : Arvixe hosted 132097 and Awardspace hosted 10609.

  26. Domain In/Out: Arvixe hosted 155 domain and 29 transferred from Arvixe to others.Award space host 7 but unfortunately 20 out.

  27. Customer Rating : Customer rating for Arvixe is 8.7 and for Award space 7.7

  28. Edume and Webstar rating : Arvixe - 8.5 and Awardspace-8.00

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That's it from my side on Arvixe vs Awardspace. Thanks for visiting this site, keep it up for more information.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Dream host Web hosting review | Unknown Facts

Wednesday, June 1, 2016 - 1 Comment

Dream host web hosting review: Dream hosting is a leading company since 1997 to presently work. When we move to further Full review My recommendation for  different categories like genius, Good and Average.How to be smart in choosing web hosting company helps you in choose web hosting company that have 31 features.
I highly recommend this hosting company to genius people. Genius means high-class understanding in every technology and can resolve all problem fast.

I only recommend this service to good people. Good means their performance is always good nor high nor average. They can take some times in solving problems.

I never recommend this service to Average people. Average means they always takes help in solving problems.

[caption id="attachment_104" align="aligncenter" width="632"]Dream host web hosting Review Image Credits Dream Host web hosting review[/caption]

Genius people are you ready to take journey of advance web hosting company. Genius people looks genius things in every possible condition. Some great features of dream-host.

  • 100% uptime guarantee by dream host

  • 24/7 tech support

  • Advanced control panel

  • 97 days money back guarantee

  • 1 Free domain with every plan

  • One click Installation

  • Unlimited domain hosting

  • Unlimited web hosting

Get this service with huge discount use our Promo codes to get your plans. Don't worry because 97 days money back guarantee.

Before move further blasters, are you ready to blast this web hosting. This is only on Ground Zero reality check.

What is ground zero reality check?

Ground zero reality checks means  1000+ reviews of users and 20+ expert review. I am your friend and i always give you a right suggestion. This GZRC makes you more confident on taking decision on choosing service or not.

Are you ready to blast the Dream host web hosting review with GZRC?

I researched well and come up with final result. Only two results for Dream Host.

  • 0/5 overall rating for every specification.

  • 5/5 overall rating for every specification.

Many users give 1 to 3 stars in every specification, I turned this into zero. Many user give  4 and 5 I turned into 5. Now ready for real reality check of specifications. What says these two users about Dream host.

0/5 User: These user very frustrated with dream host. Because of two reasons below

  1. Cpanel

  2. Tech support

Reality is they are Good/Average people can't solve their advanced cpanel problem that's why they email again and again to dream host for solving their problem. Tech support takes time but they can't wait for it.

5/5 User: These user very ultimately used this service and says no one compete with Dream host.
Get your biggest discount only for blasters use promo codes

Before moving further get some reality from the Dream host comparison with others by Dream host company.

  • Overall performance

[caption id="attachment_54" align="alignnone" width="775"]Dream host review Dream host overall comparison[/caption]

  • Recommended by users

[caption id="attachment_55" align="alignnone" width="819"]Dream host review Recommend comparison[/caption]

  • Reliability performance

[caption id="attachment_56" align="alignnone" width="784"]Dream host review Reliability comparison[/caption]

  • Tech support performance

[caption id="attachment_57" align="alignnone" width="800"]Dream host web hosting review Tech support comparison[/caption]

Dream host Web hosting review Deep Analysis

These graphs tell you extract reality by dream host. We all always tells everyone that we are great but actual picture is different. I think the last one is technical support is worst part of dream-host because every one person out of three complaint about tech support.

Features and reality by BlastTheBlog


DH offers 100% Uptime guarantee but the reality is totally different because many users complaint about this feature.


DH offers 24/7 technical support but reality is totally different.

  • DH don't have any phone number to call only email or tickets are the helping ways.

  • Generally The replies on emails and tickets take more time


DH offers different values for different hosting plans mentioned below

  • Shared hosting @ $8.95/month

  • Vps hosting @ $19.95

  • Dedicated hosting @

  • Managed wordpress hosting @ $15 to $200

Features and Software

Dream host use advanced features and Latest software.

Get the highest discount use this promo codes

If you have any confusion please clear before buy this hosting company. Don't worry blaster before complete this article I tried my best to clear all your problem. Take a look of Dream host company.

About dream host

The year was 1997 dream host was established. Dream host helps 1.5million people in hosting their websites, applications and blogs. Dream host provides domain registration, web hosting and cloud hosting for customer success.

Some facts and features of dream host by Dream host

  • Over 400,000 customers

  • 1.5 million + websites

  • Real support 24/7/365

  • Open source is in our DNA

  • WordPress installation(750,000)

  • Ceph storage

Shared Web hosting @ $8.95

  • Host your own website

  • Run a word press blog

  • Host your design portfolio

  • Creates for startups

  • Host client websites

  • Build on e-commerce site

Features of shared hosting plan

  • Full uni shell

  • Ruby on rail

  • Perl support

  • Crontab acess

  • SSL secure servers

  • ontab acess

  • Php5 support

  • Canned CGI script

  • Access to raw log files

  • Server side includes

  • Full CGI access

  • Unlimited MySQL

  • IPV6 Support

  • $100 google ad-word credits

These all features @ $8.95 buy now with huge discount.

Some more with shared hosting

  • SSD's

  • Unlimited storage and Bandwidth

  • Unlimited Domain hosting

  • Unlimited email accounts

  • one click WordPress installer

  • Unlimited 24/7 support

  • 100% uptime guarantee

  • 97 day money back guarantee

  • Web-based control panel

Managed WordPress hosting

  • 30GB of SSD storage

  • 2.1 million monthly visitor

  • Auto scaling RAM

  • Automatic WordPress installation

  • Unlimited email accounts

  • 24/7 WordPress support

  • Hosted on virtual private servers

  • Isolated MySQL Database

Some more features

  • SSD"S

  • New Php5.5

  • New hip hop virtual machine

  • Varnish caching

  • memcatched

  • Use any theme or plugin

  • PHP 5.5

  • MySQL

  • WP pre-installed

  • 1 dedicated Ip

  • $100 credit for adword

  • SFTP/FTP acess


  • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Buy this service now @ 24.95$. Good news for blaster user here is 20% off get this service @ 19.95$ now.

VPS service

Built for speed and scability

Dream host offer 15$ to 120$/month. Features of this service

  • SSD

  • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

  • Web-based control panel

  • Scalable RAM

  • Node JS support

  • Rubby version manages

  • Unlimited bandwidth

  • Unlimited hosted domains

  • Unlimited 24/7 support

Here we can't provide Dedicated, cloud services because these services are business class. If you have interest in these services please visit Dream-host and check these services.

RNTCO ratings for Dream host web hosting review

  • Uptime  4.8/5

  • Support 4.3/5

  • Software 4.8/5

  • Features 4.8/5

  • Refund policy 5/5

  • Domain 5/5

  • Bandwidth 5/5

Genius blaster this is my review if you like this please share with your friends and family. I Highly recommend you Dream-host. Remember that Dream host is only for genius person (You).

Can Dream-host complete your dreams?

Yes dream host provide fast and quality service. Don't wait because time is money. You can earn more than you spend with Dream-Host. A good hosting company can reach you at the peak. The secrete of my success is take decision Fast.

Get your 90 days trial after you can refund your money.

Use Dream Host Services Choose your best

Promo codes: BlastTheDream

Use this and get a free domain for life and A unique Ip address for life @same price of dreamhost services.

That's it from my side on, Dream host Web hosting review. Share it with your friends.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Case study of Awardspace webhosting | Review

Thursday, July 16, 2015 - 1 Comment

Award space web hosting Review: Awards-space is a leading web-hosting company that provide lot of services at very cheap price and many services are free of cost but I faced one problem .... before i give you full review please look all services and specification of Award space.

Award Space web hosting Review
Award space best services

Award-space services is a leading hosting company that has gathered extensive background of its two mother company Zeta hosting solution Its and attractsoft gmbH.

Over 10 years in the web hosting Industry
More than 1 million website hosted
A rich portfolio of web hosting services
Clustered web hosting platform
Strategically located data center

Award-space received many awards for

Top 10 Readers choice award at
Top 3 UNIX web hosting Award at
Top 3 hosts at

Award-space provide some services.

Web hosting services
Vps services
Reseller services
Affiliate program

Award-space provide free hosting services.

Many of user looking for free hosting service but they never get right choice here you can easily install your free script. Award-space provide free hosting provide purchase on any domain. they allowed us to just host your website with zyro web designer software. Process of get free hosting
Open Awardspace
Free sign up with Award-space
Register a domain name(Paid cost of this domain) or you can transfer your domain (Free transfer)
Choose your website builder (joomla, zyro, wordpress)
You are done free of cost.

Award-space provide free shared hosting, vps hosting and reseller hosting. 

Premium services :

Why premium services when they serve free hosting service.

Free vs Premium services.

 More Space 

Faster services

More resources

Unlimited domain hosting

Unlimited Traffic

With less user per server 

More secure

Award Space web hosting Review
Free shared hosting vs Premium shared hosting

Web hosting services

Web hosting services further derived into four parts

Shared Hosting


Free Shared hosting

Seo & Smo

Compare Arvixe web hosting with Awardspace and choose your best. Case study of Arvixe servics  

Take look of price and features of all web hosting services

Award Space web hosting Review
Plan and Price of web hosting services

If you want to buy any of those services then click below banner

VPS hosting

Vps hosting offers faster services, ssl certificates and more.

Why Vps services

Self dependency :It's have better security because of self dependency.

Reliability and uptime : they offers high uptime.

Dedicated mail servers : they offers spam

Custom installation : they offer you owner of vps

 VPS Price and features

Award Space web hosting Review
Vps hosting price and specification

If you want to buy this vps services then please go through this banner

Re-seller hosting

Award-space provide free re-seller hosting see full specification then go to below banner

Award Space web hosting Review

Award Space web hosting Review

Our review is based on our golden features. In the basis of golden rule we give any website suggestion .

Not recommended, Recommended and Highly recommended.

The basic formula of golden features is we test any site om 7 points that are below.

  1. user-friendly

  2. Reliability and uptime

  3. Software

  4. Features and specification

  5. Technical assistance

  6. Cheap Price

  7. Costumer review

1. User-friendly : Award-space have user-friendly software because it hosts over i million websites. Most of user gives positive review about user-friendly environment.Score 8/10
2. Reliability and uptime: It have more secure,reliable and faster services. scores/10
3. Software : It usage latest software scores/10
4. Features and specification : awesome features with almost free Scores 8.5/10
5. Technical assistance : They give 24/7 h technical support scores/10
6. Cheap price : Almost give free services Scores 9.8/10
7. Customer review : Many customer gives full marks scores/10
8. Overall : Scores 8/10
My opinion :  Thanks for visiting my site i always tried to write best review for you. As you know this site passed our golden rule but some problem faced by some users of this site. Slow speed, account cancellation etc are the few problems of Award-space.
I only recommended basis of our golden rule.

Visit this site if want to buy any web hosting plan through this site. This is cheap offer for RNTCO users Award-space


Overall it is a great webhosting company which offers great services at zero and cheap price.Award Space web hosting Review is almost done hope you enjoy this post.

please feel free to comment on this post. Thanks for visiting this site, keep it up. That's it from my side on Award Space web hosting Review.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Arvixe Reviews factor that you like to choose web hosting

Wednesday, July 15, 2015 - 1 Comment

Arvixe Web Hosting Review: Arvixe is a world's leading web hosting company and provide latest features on different class. Arvixe web hosting review include, golden features that provide you truth of this company.
I searched everywhere and research deep. 100 of sites give positive review and thousands of  people recommended this services read more at the end to satisfied.
Please see full specification of Arvixe and then read review.

Arvixe web hosting review
Arvixe Hosting Services

About Arvixe

Arvixe is established in 2003. Arvixe host thousands of websites. Arvixe earned many awards.
Arvixe provide web hosting with a rare combination of unmatched reliability quality and affordability. Arvixe's edge of is derived a culture of employee driven initiatives.

Arvixe web hosting services

  • Personal Class

  • Business Class

  • Reseller Class

  • Vps Class

  • DedicatedHosting

 Personal Class

Personal class is further derived in two services

  • Linux Hosting

  • Windows Hosting

Linux Hosting
Arvixe provide top quality linux hosting . Linux hosting further derived into two parts

  • Personal Class

  • Personal Class Pro

Here below image you can see price and features of both

Arvixe web hosting review
Pricing and features of Linux personal class.

If you like this service then go here to buy it for your personal web hosting.Click on banner or read full Arvixe web hosting review till the end.

Windows Personal Hosting

Arvixe provide high quality windows and web hosting service all around the world.

Windows personal hosting derived in two parts

  • Personal class Asp

  • Personal class Asp pro

Here below image you can see price and features of both

Arvixe web hosting review
Personal windows class.

Business Class Hosting

Business class hosting is provide high reliability and uptime by decreasing the number of user on each server. Further derived into two parts

  • Linux business class hosting

  • Windows business class hosting

Main  features of both hosting

  • Fastest Speed and highest reliability

  • Free ssl certificates for life time

  • Latest .net framework (Windows hosting only)

  • Dedicated Application tool  (Windows hosting only)

Linux Business Class 
it is derived into two parts

  • Business class

  • business class pro

Here below image you can see price and features of both

Arvixe web hosting review
Linux business class.

Windows Business Class 

Derived into two parts

  • business class Asp

  • business class Asp pro

Arvixe web hosting review
Business windows class.

If you like this service then go here to buy it for your personal web hosting.Click on banner

Re-seller class

Arvixe providing service that we can host own company in 5 minutes. further derived into two parts

  • Linux reseller class

  • Windows reseller class

Main features of both classes

  • Host website in your own terms

  •  Lowest priced domain

  •  Easy integration into billing

  • Resell award (Reseller class Asp)

  •  Latest framework & software (Reseller class Asp)

 Linux reseller class 
It's further derived into two parts

  •  Reseller class

  • Reseller class pro

Arvixe web hosting review
Linux reseller class.

Windows reseller class
further derived into two parts

  • Reseller class Asp

  • Reseller class Asp Pro

Arvixe web hosting review
Windows reseller class.

Vps Class

Fully loaded (Cantos c-panel & Softaculous) , 15k RPM & ssd drives for faster performance, 100% managed by their staaf.
Further derived into two parts

  • Linux VPS hosting

  • Windows VPS hosting

Linux vps hosting
further derived into three parts

  • Vps class lite

  • Vps class

  • Vps class pro

Arvixe web hosting review
Linux vps class.

Windows vps hosting
Further derived into three parts

  • Vps class Asp lite

  • Vps class Asp

  • Vpas Class Asp pro

Arvixe web hosting review
Windows vps class hosting.

Dedicated hosting

Further derived into two parts

  •  Dedicated class

  • Cloud class

Dedicated class

  •  100% server management
    highly security updates

  • 24/7dedicated support
    state-of-the-arts data center

  • Free ssl & domain for life

  • Starting price $429/month 

Cloud class

  • 100% server management

  • 24/7 dedicated support
    state-of-the-arts data center

  •  Hyper-V-Technology

  • Linux and windows

  • started $108/month 

Arvixe web hosting review

Arvixe is a world's leading web hosting company and provide latest features on different class.
I searched everywhere and research deep. 100 of sites give positive review and thousands of  people recommended this services. Generally this is a great site . I am a blogger, and i genuinely said that i am not using this service but in complete research and comparison of this site shows me huge positive approach. This is a great site and i highly recommended by me.

Some criteria for this site

Gf: golden features

  1. Cheap price : Yes its available in all ranges 4$ to 449$ Score 9.6/10.

  2. Software : Yes its work on latest .net framework  Score 9.5/10.

  3. User-friendly : Yes its hosted over 3 million user-friendly website Score 9.3/10.

  4. Features and Specification : Yes fully covered almost all features Score 9/10.

  5. Technical assistance : 24/7 h and excellent Score 9.8/10.

  6. Uptime and Reliability: 99.9% up-time guarantee Score 9.9/10. 

Arvixe passed in our Girlfriend test and i give overall Score 9.2/10.

Visit this site today is give you 50% off on every plan i mentioned you.


Overall arvixe is a great site and highly recommended you. User ,customer and company reviews are positive award-winning site. It's also provide affiliate program, you can promote this site and earn money through this system. I am also promoting this world-class site but this is genuine review. If you like this post feel free to share your experience with other users.

That's it from my side on Arvixe web hosting review. Thanks for visiting this site, keep it up for more information.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Top 53 list of web hosting comparison in ratings

Monday, July 13, 2015 - 2 Comments

Comparison of all web hosting company's
Web hosting
Comparision of  Web Hosting Services
Got  service
Blue Host
$3.49 to $149
Shared $3.49/m
Vps  $29.99 /m
Reseller $18.99/m
Dedicated $149/m
Got here
$25 to 179$
Wordpress $35
Got here
Host Gator
Rs222 to Rs9795
Vps Rs900/m
Got here
Dream host
$8.95 to $149
Shared $8.95/m
VPS $15/m
Dedicated 149$/m
Got here
Hello friends my self mak and i am here to comparison of world's 53 web hosting that services was awesome. I included "Blue Host", "Knownhost", "Host Gator", "Dream host"etc . We all want start our business but some how many people doesn't have money to buy the hosting services and many people buy easily to increase their business. We all need three quality in any type of thing that we want to buy.
Beautiful , Cheap and strong.

53 best company's i would like to segregated in Highly recommenced, Recommended,  No recommended and Scams.

Highly recommended 

Those web hosting services that qualify in our five golden rules.
Price : Always gives services in cheap rates.
Software: Provide latest services
User friendliness : always support user friendliness website builder
Reliable and up-time: Service is fast
Technical support : Excellent and always help

Top list of 5star web hosting services
  • Port Host
  • Blue Angel Host
  • Rousell host
  • Host papa
  • Providing 24
  •  RDO services
  • Cool handle
  • Bloodstone disital
  • my true host
  • Genius guard
  • Rose hosting
  • Host sailor
  • Site ground
  • NXT hosting
  • Squidix
  • Hosting Visa
  • Web Reflix Technologies
  • Fox Data Services
  • Big Rock
  • Dark Cloud Hosting
  • Panama Servers
  • KVC hosting
  • Web hosting hub
  • Inmotion hosting
  • Award space
  • Logic web
  • pinpoint BD
  • Unihost Brazil
  • Host Metro
  • Hol Host 

Recommended : 

Those company's qualify in 3 to 4 golden rules.
Top 3 to 4 star company's 
  • Hostgator 
  • Godady
  • Arvix
  • Data plays
  • codero
  • Exa host
  • Hosting sailor
  • knownhost
  • Dreamhost
  • Yatosha web
  • Blue host

NO Recommended :

Those web hosting company's qualify in 1 or 2 rules.
Top 1 to 2 star company's
  • Just host
  • 1 and 1
  • website source
  • raid host private limited
  • cloud ways
  • cool handle
  • global hosting
  • cheap vps


 Stay away from these company's they are scammers
  • Clamhost
  • combozo hosting
  • Bitonic technologies
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